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Website Design & Development using WordPress for Real Estate Industry

Website Design & Development using WordPress for Real Estate Industry

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Client Brief:

Mynd is a leading real estate management company that makes renting and owning processes simpler and faster. The client wanted us to design and develop a website from scratch for his business. He also wanted us to add “Careers” section to the site.

Our Endeavor:

We designed and developed a user-friendly marketing website for the client. We included useful features for owners and residents i.e. rent collection, request for repairs, get a quote, security deposit, etc. Our development team thoroughly analyzed the project needs and shared out-of-the-box suggestions with the client.

The challenge for us was to keep the design simple and responsive, yet engaging.

This website helped the client in numerous ways:

  • His real estate management business has gone online
  • A large number residents and owners have registered with the site to get real estate solutions
  • Trust factor and customer satisfaction have increased
  • Real estate professionals can connect with him for the job openings
  • Improved ROI

Our dedicated WordPress developers integrated Greenhouse Job API to show job listings. Our extensive experience in WordPress website development helps us to deliver the project on-time meeting the client expectations.




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Client Comments:

94networks did a great job of communicating throughout the project. We had a large project with a quick turnaround time. They shared updates daily and asked helpful questions. They also noticed when something was missing from my team and asked for it. They met our expectations and deadlines.